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Sew4Service was founded by Lucy Kulbago in August 2021. Lucy has supported many charitable organizations in her community, and has volunteered her time as a Girl Scout leader and service unit director, Science Olympiad coach and event supervisor, PTO member and president, and more. She also found a creative outlet through quilting and crocheting and is a member of the Cotton Candy Quilt Guild.

The idea for Sew4Service came from an awareness of people that like to engage in a creative outlet like sewing, quilting, crocheting, and knitting, but don't necessarily have a receiver in mind. Similarly, there are individuals and organizations that appreciate donations of these types of handmade items, but don't know anyone willing to make these items. Sew4Service bridges that gap and makes connections with People who Sew and Create with People and Pets in Need of handmade items.

Sew4Service also seeks to teach people basic creating skills so they too can make handmade items that can be donated to people in their community. Sew4Service teachers meet with interested groups to help them learn new skills and create handmade items.

The Sew4Service Sewing Studio opened in Wickliffe OH on November 2022. The Sewing Studio provides a space for our community to meet, learn and volunteer to further our mission. We offer a growing list of classes and rent table space and sewing machines to individuals and groups.  To help fund our mission and process the large amount of donations we receive, we opened The Fabric Stash Store in July 2023, which is a place where people can purchase fabric, yarn, sewing supplies and notions at bargain prices.

In April 2024, The Fabric Stash Store relocated to Euclid OH and became the Euclid Chapter of Sew4Service. The sewing studio will join the store in the Shore Cultural Centre in September 2024, completing the relocation of the Euclid Chapter to join the artistic community in the Shore Cultural Centre.

In May 2024, the Alliance Chapter was formed, marking the first expansion of a combined donation location, retail store, and sewing studio to a new location.

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Meet our Board Members

Sew4Service Nondiscrimination Policy

We are committed to providing an inclusive welcoming environment and experience for our staff, volunteers, and clients.  Sew4Service will not practice or permit any unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion, physical handicap, gender expression, disability or any other basis prohibited by law.

If a board member or employee of Sew4Service is reasonably believed to have acted in contradiction to the above policy, the board may hold a special meeting to determine the validity, consequences or to discuss the breach.  Additionally, we expect all volunteers and those visiting the studio to behave in an appropriate manner.  If a volunteer or visitor acts in a manner contradicting the above policy the teacher or person in charge will ask them to stop and/or leave the studio or class.

Sustainable Sewing

Sustainable sewing incorporates sewing methods that reduce the ecological impact on our environment. This could mean using sustainable fibers, upcycling materials, creating items that will last a long time, repairing equipment to extend its lifespan and reducing waste. At Sew4Service, we upcycle donated fabric and yarn, keeping these items out of landfills and extending the lifespan of sewing supplies and machines. Some items are sold to individuals who would prefer to purchase used supplies instead of new, to support sustainable sewing. Our creators use fabric and yarn scraps as stuffing or to make new projects. Any fiber scraps that cannot be used in this way are sent to be recycled.

We use a service called Simple Recycling which is available in many cities.

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