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We accept donations of Time, Talent, Supplies and Treasure.  

  • Donate your Time by volunteering at one of our Chapters.

  • Donate your Talent by creating handmade items and sending them to one of our Chapters.

  • Donate your Supplies by sending in fabric, yarn, sewing supplies, sewing machines, notions, crocheting and knitting supplies.

  • Donate your Treasure by making a cash donation or include us in your planned giving.

Every Chapter Location needs Volunteers to help is various ways:

  • Sort Donations

  • Cut and Assemble Charity Kits

  • Coordinate or Teach a Class or Event

  • Collaborate and Make Connections with Community Partners

  • Administrative Tasks

Check with your Local Chapter Coordinator to see how you can volunteer your time to help others



One of our primary missions is to create handmade items which will be delivered to local charities.  You can donate your talent by using your sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting and stitching skills to make handmade items.  Examples of handmade items include:

  • Quilts and Blankets (baby, lap, throw, twin)

  • Quilt Tops and Blocks, Crocheted Blocks

  • Tote Bags, Market Bags, Walker Bags

  • Baby Items and Stuffed Dolls and Animals (Newly Made)

  • Pillowcases and Placemats

  • Soap SACKS and other small crocheted and knitted items

  • Winter Scarves and Mittens

  • Fidget Quilts and Adult Items

  • Pet Items

We accept donations of supplies and partially completed projects.
Supplies we will accept for donation include:

  • Preferred Fabric (100% cotton, fleece, flannel

  • ThreadYarn or Embroidery Floss

  • Needles, Pins, Scissors, Notions

  • Crochet Hooks or Knitting Needles

  • Embroidery and Hand Stitching Supplies

  • Irons, Ironing Boards, Cutting Mats, Rotary Cutters, Rulers

  • Working Sewing Machines (not in cabinets)

  • Quilt Tops and partially completed projects

  • Storage Bins

Donations that we cannot use will be donated to another organization or sold to support our mission. If donated items are soiled or have been exposed to smoke, they will be discarded.



We are grateful for donors who have shared their Treasure with us to help us cover operating costs and fulfill our Mission.  A few of the organizations that have supported Sew4Service include:

  • The Ohio Arts Council

  • Northeast Ohio Regional Quilt Council

  • Chardon FOE, Wickliffe FOE Women's Auxiliary

  • JoAnn's Corporation

  • Anonymous Donors

If you would like to include us in your Planned Giving, please contact Lucy Kulbago at

You can make a monetary donation today by clicking the button.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

You can ship your donations using a flat rate shipping label purchased through Give Back Box.  Fill any sized cardboard box with your donation, purchase and adhere a shipping label, and your donation will be delivered to our Euclid Chapter.



You can download a Donation Receipt for tax purposes.

There are a few consumable supplies we use on a regular basis that are on our Amazon Wish List.  Please consider donating some of these supplies, which include:

  • Plastic storage bags

  • Bars of Soap for Soap SACKS

  • Polyfil Stuffing

  • Quilt Batting

  • Crochet Hooks



Become a Creators Club Member by Volunteering in-person and at home.  Earn points for every hour you volunteer which can be redeemed for discounts on classes and store purchases.  Points will be automatically added when your volunteer hours are recorded.

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